Calculate oxidation time to grow Silicon Dioxide

thc         desired thickness of the oxide layer in µm
temp      oxidation temperature in °C
atm        ambient atmosphere, select wet or dry oxygen


This interface can be used to calculate the time required to grow silicon dioxide of a specific thickness at a given temperature and ambient conditions for <100> silicon. <100> silicon is widely used in MEMS and hence is used as the base material. The ambient atmosphere can be set to either Wet O2 or Dry O2. Wet O2 or water vapor has a higher solubility in silicon dioxide than dry oxygen  and hence the oxidation rate is much faster in the case of Wet O2. It is also influenced by the impurity present in the oxide and gas and the ambient pressure.

The plot shows the oxide thickness over oxidation time in a log-log plot. This is for <100> silicon for the selected temperature and ambient atmosphere. Using the crosshair, the oxidation time for any oxide thickness can be found out. 


-The substrate is clean <100> silicon.
-The effects of impurity doping of silicon dioxide or oxidizing atmosphere is not considered.
-The temperature and ambient atmosphere is uniform.
-Dry O2 is assumed to yield 0.025µm of initial oxide for calculation purposes.
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