Bending of a beam clamped at both ends with a force at the center

len         length of the beam in µm
wid        width of the beam in µm
thc         thickness of the beam in µm 
frc          force at the center of the beam in µN
ymod     Young's modulus of the material of the beam in GPa
sel         number denoting the selected result.
              Use 1 for maximum stress and 2 for maximum deflection and 3 for spring constant of the beam


Use this form to estimate the bending of a double clamped beam subjected to a force at the middle of the beam. The maximum stress is at the top surface near the clamped edge and the maximum deflection is at the middle. The deflection plot of the beam due to load is provided.

The plot shows the deflection of the beam along the length of the beam. Using the crosshair, the deflection at any point along the length of the beam can be obtained.


-The default material is Silicon with a Young's modulus of 180GPa.
-The beam has uniform cross section.
-The weight of the beam is uniformly distributed.
-The mass of the beam is negligible compared to the center load.

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